Slovenia Plant

Without slowing down, Yildiz Entegre keeps investing with the goal to become a global actor. The company launched its overseas initiative in the USA 2011 and it continued the initiative in 2018 with Slovenia.

Buying Slovenia’s most deep-rooted and the only particle board production plant, Yildiz Entegre empowered its position in the field of forest products market. It is the only particle board producer of the country today.

The plant was named Yildiz Entegre Adria after the purchase to continue its operations. It is going to reach an annual production capacity of 490,000 m3 as a result of its 45 Million-Euro-worth modernization and capacity building works.

Goods produced in Yildiz Entegre Adria plants will be exported to Italy, the Balkans and North African countries besides the Slovenian market.

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