The main purpose of Yildizlar Yatirim Holding, which emerges from these lands and shapes itself with the values of these lands, is to produce added value for our people and humanity.

Yildizlar Yatirim Holding plans its investments in every detail with its economic, environmental, and social aspects, not for today, but for tomorrow, not for itself, but for our children.

Organized in the field of environmental capital, our team continues its activities in three main areas, Climate-Friendly Agriculture, Water, and Energy, and carries out various projects.

For increasing energy efficiency, sustainable policies are carried out appropriately for all formations in our organization, namely energy efficiency in buildings, energy efficiency in vehicles, and energy efficiency in the industry.

Our social capital team works on occupational health and safety, decent work and economic growth.

Our Financial Capital Team, which constitutes the financial working group, guides the approaches of our employees and organization in this field within the framework of sustainable policies.

Our capacity building team aims to demonstrate the sensitivity of our institution and make our employees more aware of sustainable approaches by developing many projects in the fields of Innovation, Sustainable Consumption, Circular Economy, and Ecolabel and continues to work for a better future.

In addition, our Capacity Building Team is preparing Reporting matters (Sustainability Report) which includes sustainable strategies developed to utilize our resources most efficiently and to make the future better than today.

Solar energy obtained in Yıldız Entegre Mersin Facility will provide 10% energy of the facility.

With Yıldız Energy, we contribute to the country's economy by providing maximum savings with minimum energy.

We are working to minimize our losses and to prevent energy wastes and to ensure efficient and sustainable production with the energy efficiency and energy study works that we carry out in our facilities.

Through productivity enhancement projects (PEP), we ensure continuous improvement within our institution to prevent waste and to ensure efficient and sustainable production.

With the predictive maintenance approach, we have started to implement in our facilities, we are trying to identify the losses that will occur before they even occur and prevent them.

With the ongoing digitalization efforts in our holding group companies, we aim for a more efficient, sustainable, and less wasteful production future.

With continuous progress, improvement, and efficient and lean production approach, we continue all our processes and works in the most efficient, lossless, and sustainable way.

With the personal sustainable development, training opportunities and personal investment we provide to our employees and stakeholders, we add value not only to our group but also to the people of our country.

We try to reach the people in our efficient country by informing not only our employees but also their families and stakeholders in energy efficiency. We aim to spread this.

We attach importance to the ideas of our employees and believe that the values, ideas, and suggestions that they will add to our companies will be very important not only for us but also for the economy of our country. That is why we are improving our systems.

We are working hard to create valuable brands that will represent our country worldwide.

With the awareness of the importance of the contributions of exports to the economy of our country, we are constantly working to increase the export figures and make them sustainable.

We try to produce the highest quality, lossless, least wasteful, and long-lasting products and to maintain the satisfaction of our customers from sales to the end-user.

We continue to work to make the country's economy strong and sustainable with our production investments in our country.