Ours is the story of a family that has been constantly growing and strengthening with the development, work determination and stability it has shown for over a century. Yildizlar Yatirim Holding, who believes in the power of solidarity, honesty and determination, never loses its motivation, exceeds the power of technology and design with its quality, proceeds with strength and confidence to the future.

We attach great importance to the development of our human resources, which we see as our largest capital as a company based on technology and innovation, always developing, learning and pursuing the better with its employees.

Today, while raising our fifth-generation representatives, we maintain our values and entrepreneurial power from the first day. While striving to create value for our country, we are strengthening a structure that our employees are proud to belong to and we are looking for ways to write new success stories with them.

Thanks to our competent staff, which is growing day by day, the value we produce and the quality standards we achieve enable us to establish a strong family bond based on trust with all our dealers and commercial partners.

We maintain our mission of being a pioneer not only with our production power, but also with our technology, our environmental awareness, our quality, our brands that make a difference and, most importantly, with our sense of responsibility for the geography in which we take root and grow. We continue to grow with Turkey, taking responsibility for representing our country in the best way.

In our commercial journey that has been successful for more than a century, we will continue to shape the future with sustainable policies with all our employees walking with us and our business partners who are indispensable to our family.