Energy Efficiency

Yildizlar Yatirim Holding produces most of its energy from its own resources with environmentally friendly technologies with its environmental awareness. From this point of view, our Energy Efficiency projects realized between 2013-2016 correspond to 1,300,000 trees planted per year.

We have 3 Cogeneration Facilities consisting of 6 MW gas tribunes in our Kocaeli MDF Factory. This is how we meet about 25% of our electricity needs.

Electricity consumption has been minimized with the turbine application made in Kocaeli MDF Factory, Press 2 Facility. Using turbine heat, 30% energy efficiency is achieved in the electricity consumption and energy use of the facility.

Kocaeli MDF Factory's energy application to Press 1 and Press 3 drying fans has achieved high energy savings.

In our Kocaeli MDF Factory, a hot air conveying channel was constructed between the boiler chimneys and the press-3 drying line and the unused energy was recovered and the natural gas consumption on this line was reduced to zero. Thus, the release of carbon gases into the atmosphere was prevented. This project is awarded Senver 14 and Sevap 3 Jury Special Awards.

In our Mersin MDF Factory, we use an energy boiler of 65 MW to utilize the production wastes and convert them into heat energy. Production in our facility is environmentally sensitive with wastewater treatment plant, temporary waste storage area and press exhaust gas washing line.

Raw material waste shells that are not used in production in our Manisa Particle Board Facilities are converted into energy in our 26.5 MW capacity boiler.

In our Mudurnu facility, there is an energy boiler with 9.5 MW capacity.

With the change made in our Mudurnu facility, the new boiler system, which is the most advanced technology product, provides high efficiency, is user-friendly and has high occupational safety, has replaced the old boiler system, which is inefficient in terms of work and makes thermal imbalances during production. This project received the 2nd place in the category of "Large Business – Automation and Technological Innovation" at the Productivity Project Awards of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey. In addition, our project with Senver 15 Certificate of Appreciation, which enables the boiler flue gas temperature to be used in the form line, is another environmentalist application used in our Mudurnu facility.

Projects that will save energy has been planned in IGSAŞ Kütahya Factory. One of these projects is the energy-saving project to be carried out by replacing existing engines with efficient engines. Another is the energy efficiency improvement project to be implemented in pump systems.