Cultural Responsibility

As Yildizlar Yatirim Holding, culture is the sum of the values accumulated by society and the values that make us who we are. For this reason, every part of society has a great responsibility for the protection of cultural heritage and cultural activities.

With this awareness, we implement many cultural projects and activities that favor the benefit of the society and contribute to social life alone or together with non-governmental organizations in an integrated manner with our mission and policies.


With the contributions of Yildizlar Yatirim Holding, the historic Tekkeliler Mansion, which was restored within the scope of the "Project to Bring Mudurnu to Tourism", will now serve as a boutique hotel, cafeteria, and restaurant. The facility has 9 rooms, 100 indoor restaurants, and 70 outdoor restaurants.

As Yildizlar Yatirim Holding family, preserving our past and protecting our values once again manifests itself with this restoration work. As our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, "A nation that does not know its past cannot direct its future."


Vernadoc Regional Architectural Drawing Camp Sponsorship.

The VERNADOC International Regional Architectural Documentation Camp under the auspices of ICOMOS between 29 August and 10 September 2016 was held in Mudurnu district of Bolu after 13 countries in Asia and Europe.

Architectural drawings of the Armutçular Mansion were prepared in Mudurnu, home to enormous examples of wooden architecture. The architectural drawings, which were prepared by traditional methods, hand-measured and drawn, were exhibited to the local people with a seminar held at the end of the camp.

The drawing camp, which was held with a total of 24 participants from Turkey and abroad, emphasized the architectural richness of Turkey and helped to promote our country's cultural heritage worldwide.

At the end of the camp with international participation, a total of 22 drawings were made by 21 designers.