IGSAS Kütahya Plant

Founded in 1961 and incorporated by Yildizlar Yatirim Holding in 2004, the plant produces dolomite ammonium nitrate fertilizer, 26% nitrogenous dolomite ammonium nitrate fertilizer, 33% ammonium nitrate fertilizer, 34.5% nitrogenous prilled porous ammonium nitrate, dilute nitric acid at 56% concentration and 98% concentrated nitric acid in main three facilities.

It is the only prilled porous ammonium nitrate and concentrated nitric acid producer in Turkey.

“NOx Filter System” was founded in the chimney of the dilute nitric acid plant in our factory to eliminate the harmful effect of NOx gas emission on the environment.

Annual Production Capacity
338.500 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate (26 AN)
250.000 Tons of Prilled Porous Ammonium Nitrate
201.300 Tons of
Dilute Nitric Acid
15.000 Tons of Concentrated Nitric Acid
25.000 Tons of Ammonium Chloride
50.000 Tons of Potassium Nitrate

IGSAS, the first Potassium Nitrate producer in Turkey!

Potassium Nitrate, a need of Turkish growers that was supplied through importation only, is now produced in IGSAS Kutahya Plant for the first time in Turkey, thanks to a new investment.

With this 40-Million-Euro-worth investment that’s considered as a “Strategic Investment” by the Ministry of Economy, IGSAS positively contributes to the current account deficit in Turkey.

Apart from potassium nitrate, nitric acid production is an investment carried out in IGSAS Kutahya Plant.


Founded in Kutahya with a 35-Million-Euro-worth investment, the plant belonging to IGSAS has a R&D Center and a state-of-the-art laboratory with specialists in chemistry, machine and electrics.

By making this investment for the future of Turkish agriculture and industry, IGSAS aims to

  • Contribute to local product variety,
  • Develop projects to support energy efficiency,
  • Minimize imported products and support exportation,
  • Improve product quality
  • Access information and technologies to compete with international companies.


IGSAS Kütahya Plant

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