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Signature of Yildiz Entegre in Vernadoc International Architectural Design Camp

We, as Yildiz Entegre, have contributed in supply of the materials used by the architects and design team in charge of a project, which would contribute introduction of cultural heritage of our country both in the country and the world through VERNADOC Regional Architectural Design Camp to be organized in Mudurnu for the first time in Turkey between 28th August -10th September this year.  

Vernadoc International Architectural Design Camp Mudurnu  

Vernadoc, we - as Yildiz Entegre - will support, has the mission to encourage the structure owners and domestic citizens to become aware of the values of the historical artworks of which the tourists have already been aware and to act in cooperation for protection of these structures.  

Vernadoc, developed in the body of ICOMOS CIAV where 20-30 persons are active in these camps lasting average two terms and organized in different countries each year,

and which has been used in tens of international certification camps organized in 13 countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia continents since 2005, is a method, which is easy to learn and study, operates with basic technologies and does not require expensive tools, produces adequately clear and high quality drawings for use in scientific studies. The aim is to learn the method by studying throughout this process, recognize the attendants with their specialization; establish international relations for the studies to be carried out in the future and develop international cooperation models, get high quality drawings and exhibit these drawings for the local society at the end of the camp.  

All the artworks to be created at Mudurnu “Historical Ahi District” UNESCO World Heritage Candidate, one of the historical towns of Bolu, shall be exhibited to the public at the end of the camp on the date of September 10, 2016 Friday.