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Rising Star of Anatolia

Evaluation of the “First 500 Largest Corporations of Anatolia” made for the year 2013 by Ekonomist Journal with the contributions of Turk Ekonomi Bankasi (TEB), was disclosed and Yildiz Entegre has become the 6th corporation among the same.



In the recent years, Yildiz Entegre, continuously taking place among the first 10 and having a constant standing, has taken place in top rank position in its own sector namely the Forestry Products sector. The relevant traditionalized survey draws attention to rise of the Turkish economy outside of Istanbul and creates a mild competition between the locomotive corporations of the groups. This award, defining our story of incorporation with a few sentences, belongs to all of employees, who prove our opinion “Yildiz Entegre is a god precedent to be given for the power of initiative and the ambition of success of the Anatolian people.”