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INNOVATION /  (pp. 30-31)
          Innovation time at Yıldız Entegre!
          Y   ıldızlar Entegre launched a new project in partnership with the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) to instill the innovation culture within the organization systematically with

              the awareness of new technologies, uniqueness, branding and globalization. Yıldız Entegre Sub-Committee, led by the Marketing and Corporate Communications, and Quality
          Departments, met with more than 2,500 employees to ensure that innovation culture spreads across all levels from the top to the bottom and to communicate what the future has in store
          for us. Meanwhile, the in-house innovation suggestion platform “Come With Your Idea” was also launched. Speaking about the projects, Board Member Hasan Yıldız said, “By involving all
          our employees in the process, we aim to ensure that innovative thinking and working is integrated into the corporate culture, and to develop company- specific mechanisms for sustainable
          innovation. We want our employees to be involved in this process and also to feel at home here.”

          NEWS STORY / (pp. 32-33)
          Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding’s benchmark visits

          Y    ıldızlar Yatırım Holding paid benchmark visits to Assan Panel and Siemens. The delegation that made the occupational health and safety (OHS) benchmark visit to Siemens

               Distribution Systems Plant included Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding Board of Directors Secretary İlkay Ünal, Yıldız Demir Çelik Plant Director Kemal Kumru and some company
          officials. During the visit to Siemens, the Yıldız Demir Çelik delegation learned about the company’s OHS practices, awareness raising efforts and goals. During the OpEx (Operational
          Excellence) Field Visit to Assan Panel Tuzla Plant, occupational health and safety practices in the Assan Panel production line were evaluated and the activities carried out to raise
          awareness among the employees were also emphasized. Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding and group companies also held a benchmark meeting at the Siemens Turkey Head Office to review
          the workflows mutually. The agenda of the visit included topics such as energy efficiency, building technologies, training services, robotic automation, financial solutions, digital
          factory technologies, and corporate information technologies.

          NEW TRENDS / (p. 34)                                           NEW TRENDS /  (p. 34)
          For the first time, the VarioClic                              What does The Nine offer?
          Exclusive 5G line features a stone look                         W       e turn the spotlights to The Nine line again, this time

          T    he easy-to-install VarioClic Exclusive 5G line maximizes the time saved, and the new   colors, the line liberates living spaces and creates authenticity while
                                                                                  focusing on what it offers to the users: With nine new

               Retro Stone and Retro Silver options that enrich the wide color and style range offer the
          perfect solutions for interior design that makes a statement. Reinterpreting the retro trend with   its inspiring design language enriches decorative styles. With seamless
                                                                          designs that transcend the concept of time and space, The Nine
          modern touches and stone looks, the VarioClic Exclusive 5G line brings freedom and authenticity   combines the best of cold and hot climates. On a journey from dream to
          to spaces.                                                      design, The Nine appeals to exclusive tastes.

          STAKEHOLDERS /  (p. 40)                                           STAKEHOLDERS / (p. 41)
                                                                            ‘Farmers are safe
          ‘We sell Yıldız Entegre products
          with confidence’                                                  with İGSAŞ’

          F    etullah Gözel from Güzfit, the dealer that brings Yıldız Entegre products to the customers   A gricultural Engineer Yusuf Zengin of Zengin Tarım,
                                                                                  a company operating in the agricultural sector
               in Izmir, explains how this cooperation started: “When a quota was imposed on
          imported laminate flooring in 2006, we needed to continue with a locally made product. So, we   since 1990, tells the benefits of working as part of the İGSAŞ
                                                                            ecosystem: “We became a dealer in the 1990s when the annual
          decided to work with Yıldız Entegre, which had begun to produce laminate flooring at that time.   500-ton purchase quota was in place. At the time we were not
          We wanted to continue with VarioClic laminate flooring. And as a result of our meetings with   sure if we could sell that much but looking at where we have
          Yıldız Entegre, we reached an agreement.” Gözel says they offer Yıldız Entegre’s laminate flooring   come since then, we are proud to rank among the top sellers.
          and Variodor brand MDF door products to their customers, “Working with companies that   Operating under the umbrella of İGSAŞ contributed significantly
          produce locally and that contribute to the country’s economy, and helping them reach even better   to our growth. İGSAŞ is a company that really considers its
          levels is like a citizenship duty. Seeing these companies increase their investments and compete   dealers. We have felt this for years.” Zengin adds, “As a group
          with global brands makes us proud. I congratulate Yıldız Entegre and Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding   that contributes to the country’s economy, Yıldızlar Yatırım
          Management and wish them continued success.”                      Holding is a great chance for Turkey in my opinion.”
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