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          HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 39)
          Yıldız Entegre sponsored the Do3 workshop
          Y   ıldız Entegre sponsored the applied building course Do3 at MEF University’s School of Architecture. In addition to supporting the applied course with laminate flooring

              products, Yıldız Entegre’s expert teams also met with the students during the class.

          HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 40)
         Meetings with architects continue
         Y    ıldız Entegre places creativity and innovation at the core of its activities by closely following the developments in the world of design and also continues to organize meetings

              with architects to address all aspects of forestry products in architecture and design.

          HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 41)                           HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR / (p. 41)
          Yıldız Demir Çelik licensed to operate                         New appointments at İGSAŞ
          Y    Alikahya Organized Industrial Zone. The license was presented to Fehmi Yıldız, Yıldızlar  D  ue to some changes in the organizational chart, new
               ıldız Demir Çelik was granted workplace opening and operation license by the Kocaeli
                                                                                appointments were made at İGSAŞ. Accordingly, Marketing &
          Yatırım Holding Chairman, and Kemal Kumru, Yıldız Demir Çelik Plant Director on January 31 by   Sales Director Ercan Karasu was appointed Assistant General Manager,
          Nevzat Göçer, the Alikahya Organized Industrial Zone Manager.  Finance & Administrative.

          HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 41)                        HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 41)
         Hiking                                                       Retirement ceremony
         A     hiking activity was organized on November 30, 2019 for Yıldız Demir   A retirement ceremony was held for three employees who served

                                                                            İGSAŞ for many years with dedication. The employees who worked
               Çelik employees who wanted to explore the highlands and spend a day in
         nature. The hikers had great fun on the paths of Kuzu and Altınoluk highlands.   for 40 years in the company took the first step to retirement at the ceremony.

          HOBBY /  (pp. 50-51)
          Skiing: fun and sport in one
          “S      kiing gives me a reason to connect with nature,” says Yıldız Entegre Brand Communications Specialist Işıl Cinoğlu, and adds, “The breath I take, the air I inhale, the skis

                  coming into contact with snow, and the idea that I am at the top of a mountain all cause an adrenaline rush. The air that brushes my face as I ski is so fresh that I feel
          like as I am really breathing.” Işıl says that engaging in this sport gives her time to pause, clears her mind and motivates her. Her advice to those who want to take up skiing is this:
          “Skiing is a sports branch that people of all ages can do. Anyone can easily try skiing with rental equipment. I also believe that it is important to train with an instructor.”

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