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COMMUNITY SUPPORT / (pp. 12-13)                               NEWS STORY / (pp. 14-17)
           ‘A breath of fresh air for the future’                        Yıldız Entegre shines
           by Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding                                  in exhibitions with its

           Y    ıldızlar Yatırım Holding extended a helping hand to the “Geleceğe Nefes”   innovative vision
                (A Breath for the Future) campaign, which was launched by the Ministry of
           Agriculture and Forestry and received massive support from all segments across Turkey.   ıldız Entegre, the leading player of the forestry products industry,
                                                                              showcased its latest lines that bring warmth to living spaces in
           Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding participated in the campaign with the vision leaving a greener   the 22  Intermob Furniture Industry Fair at Istanbul TÜYAP on October
           Turkey to future generations and donated saplings on behalf of all its employees.    12-16, 2019, and later in Domotex 2020 – The World of Flooring Expo
           Employees from Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding companies İGSAŞ, Yıldız Entegre and Yıldız   in Hannover on January 10-13. Yıldız Entegre introduced its innovative
           Demir Çelik  supported the “Geleceğe Nefes” project by participating in the event in Gebze   products and services to the visitors at the 22  Intermob Furniture
           - Pelitli Forestation Area. As part of the project, which targeted 63 thousand saplings in   Industry Fair. Yıldız Entegre preferred a modern architectural approach
           Kocaeli, 80 thousand saplings were planted while participation was 126 percent above   and embraced the philosophy of “Following the Tree” for the design of
           target. Speaking about the campaign, Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding Board Member İlkay Ünal   its booth. The company’s Yıldız Home and Yıldız Trend branded products
           noted that Turkey is well aware of the importance of forests and has some of the best   that lend to natural, decorative and warm living spaces were presented
           practices and examples in the world, “As Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding, we are very pleased   to industry professionals and business partners. The next stop of Yıldız
           to participate in this major campaign launched by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry.   Entegre was Domotex in Hannover, Germany. Known as one of the world’s
           The amazing interest that people from all around Turkey showed in the campaign is   top international expos for flooring, Domotex 2020 took place with 1,400
           actually a sign of how much the country really needed such an awareness project and   exhibitors from 60 countries as Yıldız Entegre made its mark with natural,
           how sensitive our people are to such issues.”                 healthy and innovative products.

           NEWS STORY /  (pp. 18-21)               EXPERT OPINION /  (pp. 22-25)
           İGSAŞ for the                           On marketing and brand with
           Love of Soil!                           Güven Borça, Turkey’s first brand consultant

           İ GSAŞ organized its 2019 Dealer Conference at   G üven Borça, Turkey’s first brand consultant, talks about the difference between marketing and

             Granada Luxury Hotel in Belek on October 24-
                                                         branding, how Turkey can create a global brand and his collaboration with Yıldız Entegre. Borça says:
           27. During the four-day event, organized with the   “We are working with Yıldız Entegre. A transformation process took place for brand architecture. They switched
           theme “For the Love of Soil,” dealers that deliver   to a structure with three pillars: Yıldız Home, Yıldız Trend, and Yıldız Master. Yıldız Entegre’s logo was changed.
           İGSAŞ products to the farmers came together   We are trying to clarify this process and form a basis for the hierarchy among the brands. This is how the brands
           with İGSAŞ Board of Directors and employees.   will gain prominence. Working with Yıldız Entegre is very exciting. We visited wood floor fitters, chipboard
           Marketing & Sales Director Ercan Karasu opened   workers, dealers, producers; this is the question we got: The marketing efforts of the last two years yielded very
           the event with a presentation. Karasu noted that   positive returns. “
           İGSAŞ is set apart from the other companies with
           a team that can think differently and act in unity,
           and relationships built on mutual respect and
           team spirit. Next, İGSAŞ General Manager Turan   NEWS STORY /  (pp. 26-29)
           Tok took the stage and underlined that they never
           compromise on quality of the fertilizers, both their   Heightened awareness about disasters
           own production and also imported, adding that
           sufficient inventory is always available for their   M aintenance Mechanic Taner Gümüş, who has worked at Yıldız Demir Çelik since June 2018, has
           dealers. Then, Board Member Hakkı Yıldız took the   always been interested in mountaineering and nature from a young age and this evolved into
           stage and began by saying that ensuring customer   volunteering for AKUT (Search & Rescue Association). Gümüş told us about how he became a part of AKUT and
           satisfaction is a top priority for the company. He   why search and rescue efforts are so important. When he was a student at Kocaeli University, he discovered
                                                   AKUT as a member of the Mountaineering Club. On December 1, 2019, he participated in the search and rescue
           also mentioned that İGSAŞ undeniably has an   mission together with 30 AKUT members to find the two amateur mountaineers who disappeared in Uludağ.
           important share in the success of Yıldızlar Yatırım   Gümüş, who later took part in numerous AKUT missions says that he will go on to operations and continue to try
           Holding. Yıldız emphasized that İGSAŞ cannot exist   to save lives as long as he can. He adds that Turkish people are a community that loves to help but awareness
           without dealers and employees, and added that   about search and rescue is not quite common. He explains that the operations and training programs of AKUT
           they see it as a necessity to spend what they earn   may change depending on the disaster’s type and notes that response and rescue methods and techniques
           in the country to also spend in this country. After   varies: “We don’t take volunteers who are not trained about winter conditions and avalanches to an avalanche
           that, guest speaker İrfan Donat, Bloomberg HT   site or volunteers who are not trained about earthquakes to an earthquake site. We take volunteers who are
           Agriculture Editor, addressed the participants.  well-trained in that specific type of disaster to the respective missions.”
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