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           Benefits of investing in improvements
           T    he continuous investments of a company in both production and organizational processes bring innovations and contributes to the personal and career development of

                employees. Yıldız Entegre Import Manager Yusuf Baştürk talks about this contribution: “As part of my job, I am actively involved in purchasing/ordering all raw materials,
           semi- and finished products imported by Yıldız Entegre as well as customs clearance procedures. Since I have been with the company from 2005 onwards, I have worked in almost
           all the investment projects. Yıldız Entegre is a company that constantly invests in both production and organization processes. When you work for such a dynamic company, you also
           keep improving yourself and learning new things. Yıldız Entegre means continuous development and change and I take great pride in being a part of this company.”

           HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 37)                              HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 38)
           Essentials of Soil in Adana                                       Family Day at Yıldız
           T    he 13  International Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Poultry and Dairy Industry Fair   Demir Çelik
                (Adana Agriculture Fair) took place at Tüyap Adana International Fair and Congress Center.
           İGSAŞ presented its classic fertilizer series, the essentials of soil, to the visitors at its booth.   Y ıldız Demir Çelik organized a Family Day to introduce the
                                                                                  company to the families of its employees and to enable
                                                                             them to spend a lovely day. During the event, the spouses, children,
                                                                             parents and siblings of the company employees found the chance to
           HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR / (p. 38)                               get to know Yıldız Demir Çelik better.
           Yıldız Entegre hosts business partners
           B    usiness partners, craftsmen and carpenters from different parts of Turkey came together   HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 38)

                at Yıldız Entegre’s Kartepe plant. The participants found the opportunity to see the
           production areas and the products of superior standards more closely.  Sakarya University
                                                                             students’ visit

           HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 39)                              Y    ıldız Entegre maintains contact with students from design
                                                                                  and architecture departments of universities with the
           18  National Interior Design Students                             slogan “Wood is now in their hands”. The company most recently
           Meeting supported                                                 hosted students from Sakarya University’s Applied Furniture and
                                                                             Design Department at its Kartepe plant.
           T    he National Interior Design Students Meeting, the annual event organized by interior design

                students in different cities, was hosted by Eskişehir Technical University this year. The event
           that Yıldız Entegre, which continues to support education as always, sponsored brought together   HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 38)
           guest speakers with designers of the future.
                                                                             Technical Seminar series
                                                                             A    s part of the Technical Seminar organized by the Technical
           HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 39)
                                                                                  Services Department, Yıldız Demir Çelik hosted Alpaz Demir
           ‘Highest Increase in Exports’                                     Çelik and Assan Panel at its plant in two separate visits, which
           category leader                                                   included presentations of Flat Steel Production and Painted Sheets
                                                                             and a tour of the facility.
           T    urkish Steel Exporters’ Association, operating with the mission of improving the export
                potential of the steel industry in Turkey, presented awards to the top three steel companies
           with the highest total export figures in 2018. Yıldız Demir Çelik won first prize in the “Medium Size -   HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 38)
           Highest Increase in Exports” category at the Stars of Steel Exporters awards.  İGSAŞ participated in

           HIGHLIGHTS FROM YILDIZLAR /  (p. 39)                              T        th
           İGSAŞ hosted VIP guests                                                he 19  Growtech International Greenhouse, Agricultural
                                                                                  Technology Livestock Equipment Fair took place at Antalya
           G     overnor of Kütahya Dr. Ömer Toroman and Chairman of Kütahya Chamber of Commerce   Expo Center. İGSAŞ participated in the fair with a booth themed
                                                                             “For the Love of Soil”. Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding Board Member Hakkı
                                                                             Yıldız, İGSAŞ General Manager Turan Tok and Marketing & Sales
                 İsmet Özotraç visited the Kocaeli plant of İGSAŞ on November 20. The guests were
           provided information about the plant and operations.              Director Ercan Karasu were also present at the booth.
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