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Akademi Yıldız
The idea of establishing an academy to promote the strategic goals and values of Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding was born from the vision of enabling
all employees to develop and prepare for the future, and becoming a learning organization. The first seeds of this idea were sown in September 2017. On this journey, which we embarked on with the belief that corporate development
cannot be possible without investing in human resource, the establishment process of Akademi Yıldız began with the participation of several managers under the leadership of Hakkı Yıldız, Board Member at Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding. Following a collaboration with the Executive Development Department of Sabancı University, the process gained momentum. In April 2018, with the onboarding of team members, Akademi Yıldız Training and Development Department was formed. The team set out to complete all the processes related to designing the training programs and other infrastructure activities.
Before the training programs were launched and during the development process, teasers about Akademi Yıldız began circulating within the company, sparking curiosity with activities such as Star Quote of the Week and Star Book of the Month. After all the preparations, Akademi Yıldız Development Summit & Launch event took place on April 13 with the participation of prominent speakers, all experts in their
Arts and humanitarian aid hand in hand
respective fields. At the time of the launch, Akademi Yıldız introduced four schools, each offering different development opportunities with the slogan “Learn, Develop, Make a Difference!”. The training and development programs currently continue in line with the planned schedule.
Akademi Yıldız acts with the vision of being a lifelong development-focused academy that provides an innovative, sustainable learning environment and supports the company toward becoming a strong employer brand in all fields where Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding operates. The four schools – Leadership School, Sales and Marketing School, Basic Development School, Vocational and Technical Development School – launched for this purpose and built on the company’s principles of quality and trust, will help train qualified human resource that the organization needs by offering learning and development opportunities for each employee.
In the upcoming period, Akademi Yıldız will continue to implement a number of new activities as part of a specific plan. Some other planned activities include: digital and mobile learning media, foreign language programs, short seminars by speakers with expertise or experience in various fields, In-house Trainer Training Program, development events, periodicals and university collaborations.
The Turkish Red Crescent, one of the world’s oldest and largest disaster relief organizations, celebrated its 150 th anniversary with unique of exhibition in Istanbul. The “Hilal-i Ahmer” Collection (Red Crescent), featuring works of artists, celebrities, students and other participants who wanted to portray their dreams, was exhibited at the Kanyon Shopping Mall in Istanbul as part of the anniversary celebrations. The Hilal-i Ahmer Collection, which brought arts and humanitarian aid together, aimed to raise social awareness about social responsibility. İGSAŞ and Yıldız Entegre, the two group companies that strive to raise social responsibility awareness, were among the Gold Sponsors of the event. With the proceeds from the works of art that the sponsors donated, Turkish Red Crescent will continue to help those in need.

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