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NEW TRENDS / (p. 28)
Latest from Yıldız Entegre
Y ıldız Entegre follows the design world closely as it continues to improve living spaces with its
innovative and inspiring products. Nine inspiring colors
were introduced to the industry under the name “The Nine” expanding the color palette of Yıldız Trend, which enables designs that make a difference in living spaces with surface options that reflect the natural in the MDFLAM / chipboard product line. Furthermore, the new stone sheet, which combines the noble look of marble and stone with the warmth of wood, to bring a new ambiance to spaces was presented to the industry with 20 different marble, stone and plain color looks in the first stage.
NEW TRENDS / (p. 29)
Colors know bounds with
Yıldız Demir Çelik!
The coloring process at Yıldız Demir Çelik, which aims to meet customer demands by partnering with paint manufacturers, changes depending on where and how the painted sheet would be used. If deformation due to friction in mechanisms such as shutters is not desired, paint types called PURPA (polyurethane polyamide) are used. There is also a wrinkle type paint that prevents snow buildup in areas exposed to snow. Plastisol is preferred for acid resistance and PVDF paint for color and UV resistance. Polyester paint is used for standard production at Yıldız Demir Çelik. In hot lamination applications, a variety of products can be made with unlimited imagination to create patterns such as marble, wood, inox and metal looks. Yıldız Demir Çelik
is currently in the trial and test phase for products that are used in many industries including construction, white goods, and interior/exterior design.
‘Working with Yıldız Entegre has many advantages’
Mehmet Özdamar, the İnegöl Branch Manager of Mor Plastik, a leading manufacturer of seals and profiles, since 2007, says that they export the products of Yıldız Entegre to several countries. Özdamar explains how the partnership began, “As a company operating in the furniture industry for many years, we Yıldız Entegre very closely. Given that we are two companies in the same industry, we wanted to work with them. We believed that we would be a good partner in İnegöl. We signed the deal in June 2016.” Speaking about the advantages of collaboration, Özdamar says, “The professional approach, organizational structure and solution partnership of Yıldız Entegre raise our bar as well. As a company that adds value to the industry, Yıldız Entegre also supports us with its trained and experienced employees. For instance, in August, they hosted a lacquer panel application training program for all manufacturers in İnegöl. We enjoy collaborating with Yıldız Entegre during such events.”
STAKEHOLDERS / (p. 35) ‘İGSAŞ meets all
expectations of farmers’
Davut Durak of Nitar Agriculture, a Niğde-based company that brings over 30 years of industry experience by its founders and operates across Turkey for eight years, shares his thoughts on the contributions that İGSAŞ makes to the agricultural sector. According to Durak, the R&D activities of the agricultural industry leaders in Turkey enable continued and systematic development. This means that the equipment, seeds, fertilizers, irrigation systems and similar materials used in agriculture are constantly updated
and improved, making significant contribution to agriculture. Durak talks about how İGSAŞ contributes to this development, “We appreciate how İGSAŞ stands by the farmers and supports agriculture in Turkey through field trials, info meetings for farmers and R&D activities. İGSAŞ is always there for its dealers and farmers, responding to the market with a product portfolio for
all kinds of requirements in relation to soil and farming. We are proud of being the dealer of a company with 100 percent local capital, that constantly updates and improves itself and acts with principles of trust and integrity in its management. We hope to work together for years to come.”
‘I have full confidence in the flat
steel industry’
G ökhan Demiruz, who has worked in the flat steel industry for over 35 years, talked about the details of the partnership between Gökmetal,
which he manages as Chairman, and Yıldız Demir Çelik. Demiruz explained how this cooperation started, “In a meeting I had with Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding Board Member Hakkı Yıldız before Yıldız Demir Çelik was in operation, I told him that I wanted to buy the first material that would roll off the production line. He sent the first roll to our company. This is a very special memory for me and I am grateful to him. Then, our trade continued. We occasionally come together and discuss ways of improving our commercial partnership.” Speaking about the key competencies of Yıldız Demir Çelik, he says, “The number of companies that produce galvanized steel in Turkey is limited and those that make painted products are even fewer. The same goes for those that make cold products... As someone who has been in this industry for decades, I have some observations about marketing and sales. I believe that what makes a sale possible is relations, not price. And I think the most important reason for why we partner with Yıldız Demir Çelik is the fact that both parties manage the relationship well. This is why Yıldız Demir Çelik is at the top of our suppliers.”

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