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Yıldız Entegre participated in the
world’s most prestigious furniture fair
Yıldız Entegre participated in Salone del Mobile (International Furniture Fair) in Milan, the design capital of Europe, with 55 architects and designers. At the 58 th edition of the world’s most prestigious furniture fair, the architects and designers attended various events and found
the opportunity to see the latest developments in furniture design up close. Ercan Şahin, Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager at Yıldız Entegre, said that the International Furniture Fair is particularly important for the company that follows the latest design approaches closely,
“We have an exclusive product portfolio for designers and architects. We traveled to Milan together with 55 esteemed architects and designers from various cities across Turkey to see the latest industry trends and to gain valuable experience as we develop new products for them.” Şahin noted that
the designers from different disciplines had the opportunity to see unconventional approaches
that expand horizons, “We saw once again that we are making the right decisions at Yıldız Entegre in terms of our product, color and pattern choices. We appreciate the input of the designers and architects in relation to our color and pattern selections. We conduct in-depth studies to ensure that we offer them the most comprehensive product range possible so that they can give life to their designs.”
NEWS STORY / (pp. 14-15)
Turkish steel will shine like a star around the world!
he newest member of the Yıldızlar Yatırım Holding, Yıldız
Demir Çelik, founded with the mission of meeting the flat steel need of Turkey and becoming a global player, entered the 2018 Top 1000 Exporters of Turkey list, published by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), at 407 th place. With outstanding achievements to its name since its establishment, Yıldız Demir Çelik continues production with an innovative approach toward becoming the strongest player in the industry. Boasting a highly skilled and hardworking human resource with proven expertise in their respective fields, the company contributes to the Turkish economy with a dynamism that matches the industry. Yıldız Demir Çelik strives to cover the flat steel deficit in Turkey while also demonstrating strong performance in exports.
NEWS STORY / (pp. 20-21
The story of seeds,
the song of birds for
s green spaces increasingly disappear,
For sustainable business success
Innovation is accepted as a key component of the current economy. Technological advances and concepts such as value added products and profit per kilo come to the forefront as important factors in terms of business success and sustainable economic development. The goal of sustainable innovation is to ensure high efficiency, which an organization seeks to achieve by innovating in all aspects of its functions from management and departments to operations, employees, customers and suppliers. This requires a seamless and structured management approach that starts with leadership at board level and senior management and connects the entire organization through technology investments and applications. And above all, sustainable innovation is not a destination to reach at the end of a race but an ongoing journey. Achieving a business goal does not mean the end of innovation because it is a process of discovery and continually recreating values that should have infused into the activities of all employees within the corporate culture. Innovation, as the most powerful and effective key to competing or achieving superiority in competitive conditions, is defined as the introduction of new products, services, processes, business models and ideas to create added value. In an environment where global competition is becoming increasingly fierce and fast, innovation is critical for businesses to survive.
Innovation-Focused Mentoring Program
Drawing from the importance of exports for Turkey’s economic development and that of innovative products
for exports, Turkish Exporters Union (TIM) carries out the Innovation-Focused Mentoring Program (InoSuit) to enhance the innovation strengths of Turkish businesses. The program, which is based on university-industry collaboration, aims to improve innovation management skills at member companies in a sustainable manner, build and strengthen the innovation management infrastructure, and design and implement innovation systems in line with the objectives, structure and needs of each business. InoSuit Mentor Ayhan Enşiçi, Ph.D. explained the details of the program, which Yıldız Entegre has been a part of since April 2019. At Yıldız Entegre, innovation activities are addressed in three key areas: increasing the innovation capacity of the organization, ensuring
the participation of all employees in innovation efforts, and integrating sustainable innovation systems into business procedures. With InoSuit, Yıldız Entegre works hard to achieve program objectives.
cities keep growing every day. Taking
the children who spend more and more time
indoors away to nature and offering them a day
of entertainment and adventure outdoors as they learn and have fun is becoming more and more important. Drawing from this need, İGSAŞ partnered with Ekoldrama Training Institute on the occasion
of the annual April 23rd Children’s Festival. At an event organized on April 21 at the Alikahya Primary School, the children (aged 6-10) of İGSAŞ employees gained awareness about the environment in which we live, and soil, the main interest of İGSAŞ. 16 children who participated in this day-long program spent a fun and educational day with activities that raised awareness and allowed them to be in nature. After the group was informed in the workshop, teams were formed and the leaders of each workshop organized concurrent activities at their own stations. Following the introduction ceremony, the participants were allowed to try, perform and experience the activities that aimed to teach specific skills and information, and to absorb the knowledge from the narrative.

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